Entry #3

I'll see you on the flip side.

2017-09-19 23:14:35 by Jtheleetlemaan

I just want to say that I probably won't be making games on Newgrounds anymore (or at least, I won't put any of the REAL games I had planned on here), as I have stopped using scratch and I won't have much free time worth spending on making games here anymore because of school. I want to mention that you will most likely see me make games again at some point, because I love making games, and seeing the creations in my head become actual things that I can see and interact with. I will probably be making my own games somewhere down the line with more professional programs, strategies, and agendas. I have a personal notebook that I am filling with my own video game concepts, base storylines, and rough game sketches. My ultimate goal is to put everything I have and everything I will have in that notebook into real games that I put my heart and soul into. Expect to see something like this many years from now, after all I'm still very young. If you wish to look for my work in the distant future, my pen name will always be Nuclear Tape. 

Thanks for reading this, I'm surprised you got through the whole thing.


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