Entry #2

Changing things

2017-01-22 02:47:19 by Jtheleetlemaan

If you followed me to see more Loading, Priming, and Firing, I am sorry to say that Uzi was the last one. I will be moving on to developing REAL GAMES with a REAL GOAL. I only made LPFs for fun, and that is still the base drive for me developing games in general. I just have don't fun making them anymore, and at this point I know so many people are sick of them anyways.

On the bright side, the game I have in the works right now is going to be great. I've buddied up with my friend Sean to make a game to be known as "No Job Too Big", and it will be a sort of cross between a shopkeeping simulation, a repair simulation, and "Papers, Please". It'll have a cyberpunk style not unlike Blade Runner or Quadrilateral Cowboy, and will be filled with surprises that will make the game not what it seems on the cover. I hope you look forward too it.


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2017-01-22 02:51:45

good luck

Jtheleetlemaan responds:



2017-05-07 11:29:08

Im very sorry for you Jtheletlemaan, I love them, btw I hope you can make a lever action LPF game someday, and maybe even a MIX OF ALL THE LPF GUNS YOU MADE! That would be fun! Well, I have a twitter account so maybe I will follow you anyways, Good luck!